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[ruh-see-fuh] /rəˈsi fə/

a seaport in and the capital of Pernambuco province, in NE Brazil.
[pur-nuh m-byoo-koh, -boo-; Portuguese per-nahm-boo-koo] /ˌpɜr nəmˈbyu koʊ, -ˈbu-; Portuguese ˌpɛr nɑmˈbu kʊ/
a state in NE Brazil. 38,000 sq. mi. (98,420 sq. km).
Capital: Recife.
former name of .
a port at the easternmost point of Brazil on the Atlantic: capital of Pernambuco state; built partly on an island, with many waterways and bridges. Pop: 3 527 000 (2005 est) Former name Pernambuco
/ˌpɜːnəmˈbjuːkəʊ; Portuguese pernəmˈbuku/
a state of NE Brazil, on the Atlantic: consists of a humid coastal plain rising to a high inland plateau. Capital: Recife. Pop: 8 084 667 (2002). Area: 98 280 sq km (37 946 sq miles)
the former name of Recife


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