[ri-sip-ee-uh ns] /rɪˈsɪp i əns/

the act of receiving; reception.
the state or quality of being receptive; receptiveness.
the act of receiving
the quality of being receptive; receptiveness

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  • Recipient

    [ri-sip-ee-uh nt] /rɪˈsɪp i ənt/ noun 1. a person or thing that ; : the recipient of a prize. adjective 2. or capable of . /rɪˈsɪpɪənt/ noun 1. a person who or thing that receives adjective 2. a less common word for receptive n. 1550s, from Middle French récipient (16c.) and directly from Latin recipientem […]

  • Reciprocal

    [ri-sip-ruh-kuh l] /rɪˈsɪp rə kəl/ adjective 1. given or felt by each toward the other; mutual: reciprocal respect. 2. given, performed, felt, etc., in return: reciprocal aid. 3. corresponding; matching; complementary; equivalent: reciprocal privileges at other health clubs. 4. Grammar. (of a pronoun or verb) expressing mutual relationship or action: “Each other” and “one another” […]

  • Reciprocal-exchange

    noun 1. an unincorporated association formed so that its members can participate in reciprocal insurance.

  • Reciprocal-insurance

    noun 1. insurance in which members of a reciprocal exchange, acting through an attorney-in-fact, insure themselves and each other.

  • Reciprocal-inhibition

    noun, Psychiatry. 1. the theory that the pairing of an anxiety-provoking stimulus with anxiety-reducing reactions will weaken the association between the stimulus and the anxiety.

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