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done, made, or said again and again:
repeated attempts.
done, made, or said again and again; continual or incessant


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  • Repeater

    noun 1. a person or thing that repeats. 2. a repeating firearm. 3. Horology. a timepiece, especially a watch, that may be made to strike the hour or part of the hour. Compare clock watch. 4. Education. a pupil who repeats a course or group of courses that he or she has failed. 5. a […]

  • Repeating-decimal

    noun, Mathematics. 1. a decimal numeral that, after a certain point, consists of a group of one or more digits repeated ad infinitum, as 2.33333 …. or 23.0218181818 …. repeating decimal noun 1. another name for recurring decimal repeating decimal (rĭ-pē’tĭng) A decimal in which a pattern of one or more digits is repeated indefinitely, […]

  • Repeating-firearm

    noun 1. a firearm capable of discharging a number of shots without reloading.

  • Repeating group

    database Any attribute that can have multiple values associated with a single instance of some entity. For example, a book might have multiple authors. Such a “-to-many” relationship might be represented in an unnormalised relational database as multiple author columns in the book table or a single author(s) column containing a string which was a […]

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