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a person or thing that .
Contemporary Examples

By Friday, Mercury opposes Chiron, forcing your resistant mind to listen to your body, which is fairly aching for stress relief.
Your Week: What the Stars Predict Starsky + Cox August 27, 2011

She’s wonderful but she gets up entirely too early every morning and is way too resistant to going to bed at night.
Mommy’s Little Secret? Coffee And Booze. Sally Kohn May 10, 2014

Hunt, however, was resistant to the public-interest argument.
Lord David Puttnam Saves BSkyB Clive Irving July 12, 2011

I think it’s not merely that they are resistant to changing gun laws.
Surprise, Surprise: Gun Violence in Red States Michael Tomasky April 2, 2013

What seems newly in evidence is how resistant women are, consciously or not, to putting one of their own in power.
The Sexism Revival Daphne Merkin November 18, 2008

Historical Examples

But, once a given theory proved workable, how resistant he would be to a new theory.
Anything You Can Do Gordon Randall Garrett

Being heavy and resistant to weathering, they are also concentrated in placers.
The Economic Aspect of Geology C. K. Leith

For once Lady Caroline made a quick, resistant gesture, as if some impulse prompted her to speak sharply and decisively.
A True Friend Adeline Sergeant

Like those of Vulpina, the roots are slender, hard and resistant to phylloxera.
Manual of American Grape-Growing U. P. Hedrick

The muscles of his cheeks moved in hard lumps beneath his fists as if he were champing some resistant substance.
The Iron Furrow George C. Shedd

characterized by or showing resistance; resisting

impervious to the action of corrosive substances, heat, etc: a highly resistant surface
(in combination): a heat-resistant surface

a person or thing that resists

c.1600, from French résistant, present participle of résister (see resist). In reference to diseases or drugs from 1897.


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