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an advocate of , especially of some political or religious doctrine.
a reviser.
any advocate of doctrines, theories, or practices that depart from established authority or doctrine.
of or relating to revisionists or .
attempting to reevaluate and restate the past based on newly acquired standards.
Contemporary Examples

I wish I could get onto the president’s reading list the revisionist new history Railroaded, by Richard White.
Now the Bad Bits David Frum January 24, 2012

(Haaretz) PM’s father Benzion Netanyahu dies – Renowned historian, revisionist activist dies in Jerusalem at age of 102.
Islamic Jihad to Hold Elections April 29, 2012

In his books, he asserted a revisionist thesis: Spanish Jews converted to Christianity willingly, not under duress.
Benzion Netanyahu’s Legacies Gershom Gorenberg April 30, 2012

Even against a challenging backdrop, the revisionist camp represented by Jackson and others is optimistic.
Selling the Civil War to African Americans David A. Graham April 11, 2011

Instead, he condescended with a dishonest and revisionist history of the GOP.
Rand Paul at Howard Jamelle Bouie April 10, 2013

But, if anything, there is a bright side to this revisionist history.
Mandela and My Son Yousef Munayyer December 5, 2013

The film director has just co-written a revisionist history of the United States that is ideological drivel.
Oliver Stone’s Junk History of the United States Debunked Michael Moynihan November 18, 2012

Historical Examples

On the other hand, forty-nine councils came to decisions which the revisionist party claim for themselves.
Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, No. VI, November 1850, Vol. I Various

Khrushchev then became the object of violent attacks in the Albanian press, being castigated as more of a revisionist than Tito.
Area Handbook for Albania Eugene K. Keefe

It was at Dresden, 1903, that the revisionist tempest reached its height in the party teapot.
Socialism and Democracy in Europe Samuel P. Orth


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