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Response variable

(statistics) a more modern term for dependent variable (sense 2)


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  • Response-time

    noun 1. Psychology. the time consumed in making a response. 2. Computers. the time that elapses while waiting for a computer to respond to a command. response time noun 1. (computing) the length of time taken by a system to respond to an instruction

  • Restoring-spring

    noun, Machinery. 1. a spring so located that it returns a displaced part to its normal position.

  • Restow

    verb (used with object) 1. Nautical. to put (cargo, provisions, etc.) in the places intended for them. to put (sails, spars, gear, etc.) in the proper place or condition when not in use. 2. to put in a place or receptacle, as for storage or reserve; pack: He stowed the potatoes in our cellar. 3. […]

  • Restr.

    1. restaurant.

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