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verb (used with object), resumed, resuming.
to take up or go on with again after interruption; continue:
to resume a journey.
to take or occupy again:
to resume one’s seat.
to take or assume use or practice of again:
to resume her maiden name.
to take back:
to resume the title to a property.
verb (used without object), resumed, resuming.
to go on or continue after interruption:
The dancing is about to resume.
to begin again.
to begin again or go on with (something adjourned or interrupted)
(transitive) to occupy again, take back, or recover: to resume one’s seat, to resume possession
(transitive) to assume (a title, office, etc) again: to resume the presidency
(archaic) to summarize; make a résumé of
a short descriptive summary, as of events
(US & Canadian) another name for curriculum vitae


Read Also:

  • Resumption

    noun 1. the act of resuming; a reassumption, as of something previously granted. 2. the act or fact of taking up or going on with again, as of something interrupted. 3. the act of taking again or recovering something given up or lost. noun 1. the act of resuming or beginning again

  • Resumptive

    adjective 1. that summarizes: a resumptive statement. 2. that tends to resume or repeat: a speech so resumptive that its point was lost.

  • Resumptive-pronoun

    Linguistics. 1. a pronoun that appears in a sentence at a position from which something has been copied or moved by a transformational rule, as found in languages such as Irish, Welsh, Hebrew, and Arabic and in some nonstandard varieties of English, as him in (nonstandard) the man that I gave the book to him.

  • Resupinate

    adjective 1. bent backward. 2. Botany. inverted; appearing as if upside down. adjective 1. (botany) (of plant parts, esp the flowers of many orchids) reversed or inverted in position, so as to appear to be upside down

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