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noun, Optics.
a network of fine lines, wires, or the like placed in the focus of the eyepiece of an optical instrument.
a network of fine lines, wires, etc, placed in the focal plane of an optical instrument to assist measurement of the size or position of objects under observation Also called graticule


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  • Reticul-

    reticul- pref. Variant of reticulo-.

  • Reticula

    noun, plural reticula [ri-tik-yuh-luh] /rɪˈtɪk yə lə/ (Show IPA), for 1–3, genitive reticuli [ri-tik-yuh-lahy] /rɪˈtɪk yəˌlaɪ/ (Show IPA), for 4. 1. a network; any reticulated system or structure. 2. Anatomy. a network of intercellular fibers in certain tissues. a network of structures in the endoplasm or nucleus of certain cells. 3. Zoology. the second stomach […]

  • Reticular

    adjective 1. having the form of a net; netlike. 2. intricate or entangled. 3. Anatomy. of or relating to a reticulum. reticular re·tic·u·lar (rĭ-tĭk’yə-lər) or re·tic·u·lat·ed (-lā’tĭd) adj. Resembling a net in form; netlike. re·tic’u·la’tion n.

  • Reticular activating system

    reticular activating system n. Abbr. RAS The part of the reticular formation in the brainstem that plays a central role in bodily and behavioral alertness; its ascending connections affect the function of the cerebral cortex and its descending connections affect bodily posture and reflex mechanisms.

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