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noun, plural reticula
[ri-tik-yuh-luh] /rɪˈtɪk yə lə/ (Show IPA), for 1–3, genitive reticuli
[ri-tik-yuh-lahy] /rɪˈtɪk yəˌlaɪ/ (Show IPA), for 4.
a network; any reticulated system or structure.

a network of intercellular fibers in certain tissues.
a network of structures in the endoplasm or nucleus of certain cells.

Zoology. the second stomach of ruminating animals, between the rumen and the omasum.
(initial capital letter) Astronomy. the Net, a southern constellation between Dorado and Hydrus.
noun (pl) -la (-lə)
any fine network, esp one in the body composed of cells, fibres, etc
the second compartment of the stomach of ruminants, situated between the rumen and psalterium
noun (Latin genitive) Reticuli (rɪˈtɪkjʊˌlaɪ)
a small constellation in the S hemisphere lying between Dorado and Hydrus

reticulum re·tic·u·lum (rĭ-tĭk’yə-ləm)
n. pl. re·tic·u·la (-lə)

A fine network formed by cells, by certain structures within cells, or by connective-tissue fibers between cells.

See neuroglia.

The second compartment of the stomach of ruminant mammals, lined with a membrane having honeycombed ridges.

Plural reticula
The second division of the stomach in ruminant animals, which together with the rumen contains microorganisms that digest fiber. The reticulum’s contents are regurgitated for further chewing as part of the cud. See more at ruminant.


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  • Reticular

    adjective 1. having the form of a net; netlike. 2. intricate or entangled. 3. Anatomy. of or relating to a reticulum. reticular re·tic·u·lar (rĭ-tĭk’yə-lər) or re·tic·u·lat·ed (-lā’tĭd) adj. Resembling a net in form; netlike. re·tic’u·la’tion n.

  • Reticular activating system

    reticular activating system n. Abbr. RAS The part of the reticular formation in the brainstem that plays a central role in bodily and behavioral alertness; its ascending connections affect the function of the cerebral cortex and its descending connections affect bodily posture and reflex mechanisms.

  • Reticular cell

    reticular cell n. Any of the cells forming the stroma of bone marrow and lymphatic tissues whose processes make contact with those of similar cells to form a network.

  • Reticular degeneration

    reticular degeneration n. Severe epidermal edema resulting in the occurrence of bullae that contain numerous small spaces.

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