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Reticular degeneration

reticular degeneration n.
Severe epidermal edema resulting in the occurrence of bullae that contain numerous small spaces.


Read Also:

  • Reticular dystrophy of cornea

    reticular dystrophy of cornea n. A bilateral progressive superficial degeneration of the corneal epithelium and the adjacent Bowman’s membrane.

  • Reticular fiber

    reticular fiber n. Any of the small, branching, argyrophilic, intercellular fiber elements that may be continuous with collagen fibers.

  • Reticular-formation

    noun 1. a network of neurons in the brainstem involved in consciousness, regulation of breathing, the transmission of sensory stimuli to higher brain centers, and the constantly shifting muscular activity that supports the body against gravity. reticular formation n. A massive but vaguely delimited neural apparatus composed of closely intermingled gray and white matter, extending […]

  • Reticular membrane

    reticular membrane n. The membrane formed by cuticular plates of the cells of the spiral organ.

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