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noun, Ophthalmology.
an objective method of determining the refractive error of an eye.
(ophthalmol) a procedure for detecting errors of refraction in the eye by means of an instrument (retinoscope) that reflects a beam of light from a mirror into the eye. Diagnosis is made by observing the areas of shadow and the direction in which the light moves when the mirror is rotated Also called skiascopy, shadow test

retinoscopy ret·i·nos·co·py (rět’n-ŏs’kə-pē)
A method of detecting errors of refraction of the eye by illuminating the retina and noting the direction of movement of the light on the retinal surface. Also called pupilloscopy, shadow test, skiascopy.
ret’i·no·scop’ic (-ə-skŏp’ĭk) adj.


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