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Retrohyoid bursa

retrohyoid bursa ret·ro·hy·oid bursa (rět’rō-hī’oid’)
A bursa between the posterior surface of the body of the hyoid bone and the thyrohyoid membrane. Also called Boyer’s bursa.


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  • Retroject

    verb 1. (transitive) to throw backwards

  • Retrojection

    retrojection ret·ro·jec·tion (rět’rə-jěk’shən) n. The washing out of a cavity using the backward flow of an injected fluid.

  • Retrolental

    adjective 1. located or occurring behind a lens, as of the eye. adjective 1. behind a lens, esp of the eye retrolental ret·ro·len·tal (rět’rō-lěn’tl) adj. Of, related to, or being posterior to the lens of the eye.

  • Retrolental-fibroplasia

    noun, Pathology. 1. an unusual eye disease occurring in premature infants, usually from being given high concentrations of oxygen, which causes abnormal formation of fibrous tissue behind the lens and often results in blindness. retrolental fibroplasia n. See retinopathy of prematurity.

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