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  • Rh

    Physiology. 1. Rh factor. Symbol, Chemistry. 1. rhodium. 1. Meteorology. relative humidity. 1. Royal Highness. 1. right hand. abbreviation 1. right hand Chemical symbol 1. rhodium abbreviation 2. rhesus (esp in Rh factor) abbreviation 1. Royal Highness 2. (Republic of) Haiti (international car registration) Rh 1 (är’āch’) adj. Of or relating to the Rh factor. […]

  • R.h.

    1. right hand. 1. Royal Highness.

  • Rha

    abbreviation 1. Regional Health Authority 2. Royal Horse Artillery

  • Rhabditis

    Rhabditis Rhab·di·tis (rāb-dī’tĭs) n. A genus of small nematodes, some of which are parasitic on plants and animals.

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