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a little rill; streamlet.
a little rill


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  • Rillettes

    noun, (used with a singular or plural verb) French Cookery. 1. an appetizer made usually of pork or goose meat that is diced, seasoned, cooked, and then pounded or ground to the consistency of a spread.

  • Rills

    noun 1. a small rivulet or brook. noun, Astronomy. 1. any of certain long, narrow, straight or sinuous trenches or valleys observed on the surface of the moon. noun 1. a brook or stream; rivulet 2. a small channel or gulley, such as one formed during soil erosion 3. Also rille. one of many winding […]

  • Rim

    noun 1. the outer edge, border, margin, or brink of something, especially of a circular object. 2. any edge, margin, or frame added to or around a central object or area. 3. the outer circle of a wheel, attached to the hub by spokes. 4. a circular strip of metal forming the connection between an […]

  • Rima

    noun 1. a female given name. rima ri·ma (rī’mə) n. pl. ri·mae (-mē) A slit, fissure, or narrow elongated opening between two symmetrical parts.

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