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a dyke having an approximately circular outcrop of rock


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  • Ringed

    adjective 1. having or wearing a ring or rings. 2. marked or decorated with or as if with a ring or rings. 3. surrounded by or as if by a ring or rings. 4. formed of or with rings; ringlike or annular: a ringed growth. 5. Armor. noting armor having rings sewn side by side […]

  • Ringed-seal

    noun 1. an Arctic seal, Phoca hispida, having irregular, pale, ring-shaped markings around its body.

  • Ringent

    adjective 1. gaping. 2. Botany. having widely spread lips, as some corollas. adjective 1. (of the corolla of plants such as the snapdragon) consisting of two distinct gaping lips

  • Ringer

    noun 1. a person or thing that encircles, rings, etc. 2. a quoit or horseshoe so thrown as to encircle the peg. 3. the throw itself. 4. Also, ringers. Also called ring taw. Marbles. a game in which players place marbles in a cross marked in the center of a circle, the object being to […]

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