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a person or thing that encircles, rings, etc.
a quoit or horseshoe so thrown as to encircle the peg.
the throw itself.
Also, ringers. Also called ring taw. Marbles. a game in which players place marbles in a cross marked in the center of a circle, the object being to knock as many marbles as possible outside the circle by using another marble shooter.
Australian. a highly skilled sheep shearer.
a person or thing that rings or makes a ringing noise:
a ringer of bells; a bell that is a loud ringer.
dead ringer.

a racehorse, athlete, or the like entered in a competition under false representation as to identity or ability.
a student paid by another to take an exam.
any person or thing that is fraudulent; fake or impostor.
a substitute or addition, as a professional musician hired to strengthen a school orchestra:
We hired three ringers for the commencement concert.

a person or thing that rings a bell
(slang) Also called dead ringer. a person or thing that is almost identical to another
(slang) a stolen vehicle the identity of which has been changed by the use of the licence plate, serial number, etc, of another, usually disused, vehicle
(US) a contestant, esp a horse, entered in a competition under false representations of identity, record, or ability
(Austral & NZ) the fastest shearer in a shed
(Austral, informal) the fastest or best at anything
a quoit thrown so as to encircle a peg
such a throw


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