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[rip van wing-kuh l] /ˌrɪp væn ˈwɪŋ kəl/
(in a story by Washington Irving) a ne’er-do-well who sleeps 20 years and upon waking is startled to find how much the world has changed.
(italics) the story itself, published in The Sketch Book (1819).
Rip Van Winkle
/ˈrɪp væn ˈwɪŋkəl/
noun (informal)
a person who is oblivious to changes, esp in social attitudes or thought
a person who sleeps a lot

“Rip Van Winkle” definition

(1819) A story by Washington Irving. The title character goes to sleep after a game of bowling and much drinking in the mountains with a band of dwarves. He awakens twenty years later, an old man. Back home, Rip finds that all has changed: his wife is dead, his daughter is married, and the American Revolutionary War has taken place.


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