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verb (used with object), robbed, robbing.
to take something from (someone) by unlawful force or threat of violence; steal from.
to deprive (someone) of some right or something legally due:
They robbed her of her inheritance.
to plunder or rifle (a house, shop, etc.).
to deprive of something unjustly or injuriously:
The team was robbed of a home run hitter when the umpire called it a foul ball. The shock robbed him of his speech.
Mining. to remove ore or coal from (a pillar).
verb (used without object), robbed, robbing.
to commit or practice robbery.
rob Peter to pay Paul, to take something from one person or thing to pay one’s debt or hypothetical debt to another, as to sacrifice one’s health by overworking.
verb robs, robbing, robbed
(transitive) to take something from (someone) illegally, as by force or threat of violence
to plunder (a house, shop, etc)
(transitive) to deprive unjustly: to be robbed of an opportunity


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