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a long, loose or flowing gown or outer garment worn by men or women as ceremonial dress, an official vestment, or garb of office.
any long, loose garment, especially one for wear while lounging or preparing to dress, as a bathrobe or dressing gown.
a woman’s gown or dress, especially of a more elaborate kind:
a robe for the evening.
robes, apparel in general; dress; costume.
a piece of fur, cloth, knitted work, etc., used as a blanket, covering, or wrap:
a buffalo robe; a lap robe.
verb (used with object), robed, robing.
to clothe or invest with a robe or robes; dress; array.
verb (used without object), robed, robing.
to put on a robe.
any loose flowing garment, esp the official vestment of a peer, judge, or academic
a dressing gown or bathrobe
(Austral, informal) a wardrobe
to put a robe, etc, on (oneself or someone else); dress


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