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any weapon that uses a rocket as a projectile, as a rocket launcher or bazooka.


Read Also:

  • Rocket-launcher

    noun, Military. 1. a tube attached to a weapon for the launching of rockets. 2. a vehicle equipped with many such tubes for the simultaneous firing of rockets.

  • Rocket-propelled

    [rok-it-pruh-peld] /ˈrɒk ɪt prəˌpɛld/ adjective 1. using rocket power as the chief motive force.

  • Rocket-propulsion

    noun 1. propulsion of an object by thrust developed by a rocket.

  • Rocketry

    noun 1. the science of rocket design, development, and flight. noun 1. the science and technology of the design, operation, maintenance, and launching of rockets

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