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an accident involving an overturned vehicle.
Business. a reinvestment of funds, especially a tax-free transfer of assets from one retirement plan to another.


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  • Roll over and play dead

    roll over and play dead

  • Roll-over arm

    [rohl-oh-ver] /ˈroʊlˌoʊ vər/ noun 1. an upholstered chair or sofa arm that curves outward and downward.

  • Rollover-mortgage

    noun 1. renegotiable-rate mortgage. renegotiable-rate mortgage [ree-ni-goh-shee-uh-buh l-reyt, -shuh-buh l-] /ˌri nɪˈgoʊ ʃi ə bəlˌreɪt, -ʃə bəl-/ noun 1. a type of home mortgage for which monthly payments stay constant for a term, usually of three to five years, and the interest rate is renegotiated at the end of every such term until the loan […]

  • Rolls-royce

    noun trademark 1. Also called (informal) Rolls. a make of very high-quality, luxurious, and prestigious British car. The Rolls-Royce company is no longer British-owned 2. anything considered to be the very best of its kind

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