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Root amputation

root amputation n.
Surgical removal of one or more roots of a multirooted tooth. Also called radectomy.


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    noun 1. a part of the body of a plant that develops, typically, from the radicle and grows downward into the soil, anchoring the plant and absorbing nutriment and moisture. 2. a similar organ developed from some other part of a plant, as one of those by which ivy clings to its support. 3. any […]

  • Rootball

    noun 1. a roughly spherical aggregate of roots and soil that is transplanted with a plant, especially a tree or shrub. 2. the ball of soil and roots of a plant growing in a pot or other container.

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    noun 1. a carbonated beverage flavored with syrup made from the extracted juices of roots, barks, and herbs that have been fermented with sugar and yeast. noun 1. (US & Canadian) an effervescent drink made from extracts of various roots and herbs

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