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noun, Dentistry.
Also called pulp canal. the root portion of the pulp cavity.
Informal. root canal therapy (def 2).
the passage in the root of a tooth through which its nerves and blood vessels enter the pulp cavity

root canal n.

The chamber of the dental pulp lying within the root portion of a tooth. Also called pulp canal.

A treatment in which diseased tissue from this part of the tooth is removed and the resulting cavity is filled with an inert material.


Read Also:

  • Root-canal-therapy

    noun 1. endodontics. 2. a specific treatment for disease of the dental pulp involving removal of the nerve and other tissues from the pulp cavity and their replacement with filling material.

  • Rootcap

    noun, Botany. 1. the loose mass of epidermal cells covering the apex of most roots, serving to protect the meristematic cells behind it.

  • Root caries index

    root caries index n. The ratio of the number of teeth with carious lesions of the root and restorations of the root to the number of teeth with exposed root surfaces.

  • Root-cellar

    noun 1. a cellar, partially or wholly underground and usually covered with dirt, where root crops and other vegetables are stored.

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