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noun, Botany.
the loose mass of epidermal cells covering the apex of most roots, serving to protect the meristematic cells behind it.


Read Also:

  • Root caries index

    root caries index n. The ratio of the number of teeth with carious lesions of the root and restorations of the root to the number of teeth with exposed root surfaces.

  • Root-cellar

    noun 1. a cellar, partially or wholly underground and usually covered with dirt, where root crops and other vegetables are stored.

  • Root-climber

    noun, Botany. 1. a plant that clings to a surface and climbs by means of adventitious roots, as the ivy, Hedera helix. root climber noun 1. any of various climbing plants, such as the ivy, that adhere to a supporting structure by means of small roots growing from the side of the stem

  • Root-crop

    noun 1. a crop, as beets, turnips, or sweet potatoes, grown for its large and edible undergound parts. noun 1. a crop, as of turnips or beets, cultivated for the food value of its roots

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