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a strong, thick line or cord, commonly one composed of twisted or braided strands of hemp, flax, or the like, or of wire or other material.
a lasso.

the cords used to enclose a prize ring or other space.
Informal. the operations of a business or the details of any undertaking:
The new employee didn’t take long to learn the ropes.

a hangman’s noose, halter, or cord.
the sentence or punishment of death by hanging.
a quantity of material or a number of things twisted or strung together in the form of a cord:
a rope of tobacco.
a stringy, viscid, or glutinous formation in a liquid:
ropes of slime.
verb (used with object), roped, roping.
to tie, bind, or fasten with a rope.
to enclose, partition, or mark off with a rope or ropes (often followed by off).
to catch with a lasso; lasso.
Nautical. to reinforce (a sail or awning) with a boltrope.
verb (used without object), roped, roping.
to be drawn out into a filament of thread; become ropy.
Verb phrases
rope in, Informal. to lure or entice, especially by employing deception:
The swindler had roped in a number of gullible persons.
at the end of one’s rope, at the end of one’s endurance or means; at the limit:
With all her savings gone and bills piling up, she was at the end of her rope.
give someone enough rope, to allow a person complete freedom to continue his or her misdeeds in hope that retribution will follow.
on the ropes,

Boxing. in a defenseless position, as leaning against the ropes to keep from falling.
Informal. in a desperate or hopeless position; close to defeat or failure:
By repeatedly undercutting his prices, his competitors soon had him on the ropes.


a fairly thick cord made of twisted and intertwined hemp or other fibres or of wire or other strong material
(as modifier): a rope bridge, a rope ladder

a row of objects fastened or united to form a line: a rope of pearls, a rope of onions
a quantity of material twisted or wound in the form of a cord
anything in the form of a filament or strand, esp something viscous or glutinous: a rope of slime
the rope

a rope, noose, or halter used for hanging
death by hanging, strangling, etc

give someone enough rope to hang himself, to allow someone to accomplish his own downfall by his own foolish acts
know the ropes

to have a thorough understanding of a particular sphere of activity
to be experienced in the ways of the world

on the ropes

(boxing) driven against the ropes enclosing the ring by an opponent’s attack
in a defenceless or hopeless position

(transitive) to bind or fasten with or as if with a rope
(transitive) usually foll by off. to enclose or divide by means of a rope
(intransitive) to become extended in a long filament or thread
(mountaineering) when intr, foll by up. to tie (climbers) together with a rope


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