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rose chafer.
Fuller rose beetle.


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  • Rose bengal

    rose bengal rose ben·gal (rōz’ běn-gôl’, běng-, běn’gəl, běng’-) n. A bluish-red dye used as a stain for bacteria, as a stain in the diagnosis of keratitis sicca, and in tests of liver function.

  • Rose-box

    noun 1. a perforated metal box used as a strainer; strum.

  • Rose-breasted grosbeak

    [rohz-bres-tid] /ˈroʊzˌbrɛs tɪd/ noun 1. an American grosbeak, Pheucticus ludovicianus, the male of which, in nuptial plumage, has a rose-pink triangular breast patch.

  • Rosebud

    noun 1. the bud of a rose. noun 1. the bud of a rose 2. (literary) a pretty young woman rosebud

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