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noun, Also called colophony.
Chemistry. the yellowish to amber, translucent, hard, brittle, fragmented resin left after distilling the oil of turpentine from the crude oleoresin of the pine: used chiefly in making varnishes, varnish and paint driers, printing inks, and for rubbing on the bows of such string instruments as the violin.
verb (used with object)
to cover or rub with rosin.
Also called colophony. a translucent brittle amber substance produced in the distillation of crude turpentine oleoresin and used esp in making varnishes, printing inks, and sealing waxes and for treating the bows of stringed instruments
(not in technical usage) another name for resin (sense 1)
(transitive) to treat or coat with rosin

rosin ros·in (rŏz’ĭn)
A translucent yellowish to dark brown resin derived from the stumps or sap of various pine trees and used as an adhesive in plasters and as a stimulant in ointments.

found only in Authorized Version, margin, Ezek. 27:17, Heb. tsori, uniformly rendered elsewhere “balm” (q.v.), as here in the text. The Vulgate has resinam, rendered “rosin” in the Douay Version. As used, however, by Jerome, the Lat. resina denotes some odoriferous gum or oil.


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