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the phylum or class comprising the rotifers.


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  • Rotiform

    adjective 1. shaped like a wheel.

  • Rotini

    noun short corkscrew-shaped pasta Usage Note cooking

  • Rotisserie

    noun 1. a small broiler with a motor-driven spit, for barbecuing fowl, beef, etc. verb (used with object), rotisseried, rotisseriing. 2. to broil on a rotisserie. noun 1. a rotating spit on which meat, poultry, etc, can be cooked 2. a shop or restaurant where meat is roasted to order

  • Rotisserie league

    noun a group of imaginary teams which the participants own, manage, and coach and with the games based on statistics generated by actual players or teams of a professional sport; cf. fantasy sport See fantasy sport Word Origin from La Rotisseries restaurant in New York, where it was invented

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