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Round red potato


See red potato


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  • Round-robin

    noun 1. a sequence or series. 2. a petition, remonstrance, or the like, having the signatures arranged in circular form so as to disguise the order of signing. 3. a letter, notice, or the like, circulated from person to person in a group, often with individual comments being added by each. 4. Sports. a tournament […]

  • Round-rock

    noun 1. a town in central Texas.

  • Round-shouldered

    [round-shohl-derd, -shohl-] /ˈraʊndˈʃoʊl dərd, -ˌʃoʊl-/ adjective 1. having the shoulders bent forward, giving a rounded form to the upper part of the back. round-shouldered adjective 1. denoting a faulty posture characterized by drooping shoulders and a slight forward bending of the back round-shouldered adj. Having the shoulders and upper back rounded.

  • Roundsman

    noun, plural roundsmen. 1. a person who makes rounds, as of inspection. 2. British. a person who makes deliveries, as of milk or bread. 3. Australian. a journalist covering a specific area of interest: a political roundsman. 4. a police officer who inspects the other officers on duty in a particular district. noun (pl) -men […]

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