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a narrow, circular or oblong band of rubber, used for holding things together, as papers or a box and its lid.
a continuous loop of thin rubber, used to hold papers, etc, together Also called elastic band


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  • Rubber-base paint

    [ruhb-er-beys] /ˈrʌb ərˌbeɪs/ noun 1. latex paint.

  • Rubber boots

    rubber boots

  • Rubber-bridge

    noun, Cards. 1. a form of contract bridge in which deals are not replayed and in which scores are settled after each rubber. rubber bridge noun 1. a form of bridge in which fresh hands are dealt for each round and the aim is to win a rubber Compare duplicate bridge

  • Rubber-bulb syringe

    rubber-bulb syringe rub·ber-bulb syringe (rŭb’ər-bŭlb’) n. A syringe with a hollow rubber bulb and a cannula provided with a check valve, used to obtain a jet of air or water.

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