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Rubberneck wagon

rubberneck wagon


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  • Rubber-plant

    noun 1. a plant, Ficus elastica, of the mulberry family, having oblong, shining, leathery leaves, growing native as a tall tree in India, the Malay Archipelago, etc., used as a source of rubber and cultivated in Europe and America as an ornamental house plant. 2. any plant yielding caoutchouc or India rubber. rubber plant noun […]

  • Rubber-room

    noun 1. Informal. a room padded with foam rubber for the confinement of a violent mentally ill person.

  • Rubbers

    noun 1. Also called India rubber, natural rubber, gum elastic, caoutchouc. a highly elastic solid substance, light cream or dark amber in color, polymerized by the drying and coagulation of the latex or milky juice of rubber trees and plants, especially Hevea and Ficus species. 2. a material made by chemically treating and toughening this […]

  • Rubber-stamp

    [ruhb-er-stamp] /ˈrʌb ərˈstæmp/ verb (used with object) 1. to imprint with a rubber stamp. 2. to give approval automatically or without consideration: to rubber-stamp the president’s proposals. adjective 3. tending to give approval automatically or without due consideration: a rubber-stamp Congress that passed all the president’s bills. rubber stamp noun 1. a device with a […]

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