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Run the table

run the table


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  • Run-through

    noun 1. the performing of a sequence of designated actions, especially as a trial prior to actual performance; rehearsal; practice. 2. a quick outline or review: a run-through of his medical history. adjective 3. (of a freight train) made up of cars for a single destination, usually routed so as to avoid congested areas and […]

  • Run-time environment

    operating system A collection of subroutines and environment variables that provide commonly used functions and data for a program while it is running. Compare run-time support. (1995-03-22)

  • Runed

    adjective 1. having runes inscribed: a runed ornament.

  • Runeberg

    noun 1. Johan Ludvig 1804–77, Finnish poet, who wrote in Swedish. His works include the epic King Fialar (1844) and patriotic poems including the Finnish national anthem

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