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of or relating to , its people, or their language.
a native or inhabitant of .
a member of a Slavic people, the dominant ethnic group in the , whose historical homeland lies along the upper Volga and Oka rivers and adjacent areas.
the Slavic language of this people, written in the Cyrillic alphabet: the official language of or the .
Abbreviation: Russ, Russ.
Informal. .
Contemporary Examples

But the book remained little more than a rumor to Russian readers.
Why the CIA Loved ‘Doctor Zhivago’ Kevin Canfield June 25, 2014

Red Spectres Translated by Muireann Maguire Forgotten gothic tales from a tumultuous chapter of Russian history.
This Week’s Hot Reads: April 22, 2013 Mythili Rao April 21, 2013

I use his full name deliberately: He is of the Jewish faith, from a family of Russian émigrés.
Why the Mosque Scares the Right M.J. Akbar August 13, 2010

However, for the true Odessa experience, find a truck selling kvass, a traditional Russian beer brewed from bread.
Nine Amazing Places To Skinny Dip Around The World Erin Cunningham September 20, 2013

The conversation was entirely in Russian—Weir is impressively fluent.
‘To Russia With Love’: Can Johnny Weir Save Russia’s Gays? Kevin Fallon October 28, 2014

Historical Examples

With the Russian official the main thing is the passport, not the baggage.
Through Scandinavia to Moscow William Seymour Edwards

India-rubber had been tried by Jacobi, the Russian electrician, as far back as 1811.
Heroes of the Telegraph J. Munro

Co-operation on the part of the Russian Government can no longer be guaranteed.
A Sub and a Submarine Percy F. Westerman

As for Janzen, he calls himself a Russian, but he’s probably German.
The Three Cities Trilogy, Complete Emile Zola

Weak as the Russian Emperor might be, it was evident that he had not betrayed my secret.
The International Spy Allen Upward

the official language of Russia: an Indo-European language belonging to the East Slavonic branch
the official language of the former Soviet Union
a native or inhabitant of Russia
of, relating to, or characteristic of Russia, its people, or their language

1530s, from Medieval Latin Russianus, from Russia (see Russia). Slang or colloquial Russki “Russian” (1858) is from Russian Russkiy. Russian roulette attested from 1937. Russian dressing for salads is from 1915.


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