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[ruhst-throo] /ˈrʌstˌθru/
an act or instance of rusting:
The body of the car is protected against rust-through.


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  • Rusty

    adjective, rustier, rustiest. 1. covered with or affected by rust. 2. consisting of or produced by rust. 3. of or tending toward the color rust; rust-colored. 4. faded or shabby; impaired by time or wear, as clothes or drapery. 5. impaired through disuse or neglect: My Latin is rusty. 6. having lost agility or alertness; […]

  • Rusty-blackbird

    noun 1. a North American blackbird, Euphagus carolinus, the male of which has plumage that is uniformly bluish-black in the spring and rusty-edged in the fall.

  • Rusty-dusty


  • Rusty iron

    jargon, hardware Synonym tired iron. It has been claimed that this is the inevitable fate of water MIPS. [Jargon File] (1995-03-25)

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