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sacculocochlear sac·cu·lo·coch·le·ar (sāk’yə-lō-kŏk’lē-ər, -kō’klē-)
Relating to the sacculus and the membranous cochlea.


Read Also:

  • Sacculus

    noun, plural sacculi [sak-yuh-lahy] /ˈsæk yəˌlaɪ/ (Show IPA) 1. a saccule.

  • Saccus

    saccus sac·cus (sāk’əs) n. pl. sac·ci (sāk’ī, sāk’sī) A sac.

  • Sacellum

    noun, plural sacella [suh-kel-uh, -sel-uh] /səˈkɛl ə, -ˈsɛl ə/ (Show IPA) 1. a small chapel, as a monument within a church. 2. (in ancient Rome) a shrine open to the sky.

  • Sacerdotal

    adjective 1. of priests; priestly. adjective 1. of, relating to, or characteristic of priests

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