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[sak-ruh-lij-uh s, -lee-juh s] /ˌsæk rəˈlɪdʒ əs, -ˈli dʒəs/
pertaining to or involving sacrilege:
sacrilegious practices.
guilty of sacrilege:
a sacrilegious person.
of, relating to, or involving sacrilege; impious
guilty of sacrilege


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  • Sacring

    noun 1. (archaic) the act or ritual of consecration, esp of the Eucharist or of a bishop

  • Sacring bell

    noun 1. (mainly RC Church) a small bell rung at the elevation of the Host and chalice during Mass

  • Sacrist

    noun 1. Also called sacrist [sak-rist, sey-krist] /ˈsæk rɪst, ˈseɪ krɪst/ (Show IPA). an official in charge of the sacred vessels, vestments, etc., of a church or a religious house. 2. a sexton. noun 1. a person who has charge of the contents of a church, esp the sacred vessels, vestments, etc 2. a less […]

  • Sacristy

    noun, plural sacristies. 1. an apartment in or a building connected with a church or a religious house, in which the sacred vessels, vestments, etc., are kept. noun (pl) -ties 1. a room attached to a church or chapel where the sacred vessels, vestments, etc, are kept and where priests attire themselves

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