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Saddle roof

a roof that has a ridge and two gables Also called saddleback


Read Also:

  • Saddlery

    noun, plural saddleries. 1. saddles, harnesses, and other equipment for horses. 2. the work, business, or shop of a saddler. noun (pl) -dleries 1. saddles, harness, and other leather equipment for horses collectively 2. the business, work, or place of work of a saddler

  • Saddle-seat

    noun 1. a chair seat having a double slope downward from a central ridge highest at the front.

  • Saddle-shoe

    noun 1. an oxford with a saddle of contrasting color.

  • Saddle-soap

    noun 1. a soap, usually consisting chiefly of Castile, used for cleaning and preserving saddles and other leather articles. noun 1. a soft soap containing neat’s-foot oil used to preserve and clean leather

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