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a person who uses explosives to open safes and rob them


Read Also:

  • Safe-breaker

    noun 1. a person who breaks open and robs safes Also called safe-cracker

  • Safe-conduct

    [seyf-kon-duhkt] /ˈseɪfˈkɒn dʌkt/ noun 1. a document authorizing safe passage through a region, especially in time of war. 2. this privilege. 3. the act of conducting in safety. safe-conduct noun 1. a document giving official permission to travel through a region, esp in time of war 2. the protection afforded by such a document verb […]

  • Safecracker

    noun 1. a person who breaks open safes to rob them. safecracker

  • Safe-deposit

    [seyf-di-poz-it] /ˈseɪf dɪˌpɒz ɪt/ adjective 1. providing safekeeping for valuables: a safe-deposit vault. safe-deposit noun 1. a place or building with facilities for the safe storage of money or valuables (as modifier): a safe-deposit box

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