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noun, plural salmonellae
[sal-muh-nel-ee] /ˌsæl məˈnɛl i/ (Show IPA). Bacteriology.
any of several rod-shaped, facultatively anaerobic bacteria of the genus Salmonella, as S. typhosa, that may enter the digestive tract of humans and other mammals in contaminated food and cause abdominal pains and violent diarrhea.
noun (pl) -lae (-ˌliː)
any Gram-negative rod-shaped aerobic bacterium of the genus Salmonella, including S. typhosa, which causes typhoid fever, and many species (notably S. enteritidis) that cause food poisoning (salmonellosis): family Enterobacteriaceae

salmonella sal·mo·nel·la (sāl’mə-něl’ə)
n. pl. sal·mo·nel·lae (-něl’ē) or sal·mo·nel·las or salmonella
Any of various gram-negative, rod-shaped bacteria of the genus Salmonella, many of which are pathogenic, causing food poisoning, typhoid, and paratyphoid fever in humans and other infectious diseases in domestic animals.

Salmonella n.
A genus of aerobic to facultatively anaerobic gram-negative bacteria that are pathogenic in humans and animals.
Plural salmonellae (sāl’mə-něl’ē) or salmonellas
Any of various gram-negative, rod-shaped bacteria of the genus Salmonella that cause food poisoning and typhoid fever in humans and other mammals.
salmonella [(sal-muh-nel-uh)]

A category of bacteria that occurs in many pathogenic forms. One kind causes typhoid fever; there is evidence that other kinds cause various forms of food poisoning.


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