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Sausage roll

(Brit) a roll of sausage meat in pastry


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  • Sausage-tree

    noun 1. a tropical African tree, Kigelia pinnata, having red, bell-shaped flowers and large, sausage-shaped fruits hanging from very long stalks.

  • Sausage-turning

    noun, Furniture. 1. turning of members to resemble a continuous row of sausages flattened at the ends.

  • Sausalito

    noun 1. a town in W California on San Fransisco Bay: resort; formerly artist’s colony.

  • Saussure

    noun 1. Ferdinand de [French fer-dee-nahn duh] /French fɛr diˈnɑ̃ də/ (Show IPA), 1857–1913, Swiss linguist. noun 1. Ferdinand de (fɛrdinɑ̃ də). 1857–1913, Swiss linguist. He pioneered structuralism in linguistics and the separation of scientific language description from historical philological studies

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