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pertaining to or characteristic of the theories of Ferdinand de Saussure, especially the view that a language consists of a network of interrelated elements in contrast.


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  • Saussurite

    noun 1. a mineral aggregate of albite, zoisite, and other calcium aluminum silicates, formed by alteration of plagioclase feldspars in igneous rocks.

  • Saut

    noun, verb, adjective 1. a Scot word for salt

  • Saut-de-basque

    [French soh duh bask] /French soʊ də ˈbask/ noun, plural sauts de basque [French soh duh bask] /French soʊ də ˈbask/ (Show IPA). Ballet. 1. a jump in which the dancer turns in the air while keeping the foot of one leg drawn up to the knee of the other.

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