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/skan’oh/ An error in a document caused by a scanner glitch, analogous to a typo or thinko.
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  • Scan path

    (circuit design) A technique used to increase the controllability and observability of a logic circuit by incorporating “scan registers” into the circuit. Normally these act like flip-flops but they can be switched into a “test” mode where they all become one long shift register. This allows data to be clocked serially through all the scan […]

  • Scan register

    (circuit design) A digital logic circuit which can act either as a flip-flop or as a serial shift register and which is used to form a scan path. The most common design is a multiplexed flip-flop: ___ ____ normal in –| \ | | | |——|D Q|—- normal/scan output scan in —-|___/ mux | | […]

  • Scansion

    noun, Prosody. 1. the metrical analysis of verse. The usual marks for scansion are ˘ for a short or unaccented syllable, ¯ or · for a long or accented syllable, ^ for a rest, | for a foot division, and ‖ for a caesura or pause. noun 1. the analysis of the metrical structure of […]

  • Scansorial

    adjective, Zoology. 1. capable of or adapted for climbing, as the feet of certain birds, lizards, etc. 2. habitually climbing, as a woodpecker. adjective 1. (zoology) specialized for, characterized by, or relating to climbing: a scansorial bird

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