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Scapula alata

scapula alata scapula a·la·ta (ā-lā’tə)
See winged scapula.


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  • Scapular

    adjective 1. of or relating to the shoulders or the scapula or scapulae. noun 1. Ecclesiastical. a loose, sleeveless monastic garment, hanging from the shoulders. 2. two small pieces of woolen cloth, joined by strings passing over the shoulders, worn under the ordinary clothing as a badge of affiliation with a religious order, a token […]

  • Scapulary

    adjective 1. scapular1 . noun, plural scapularies. 2. Surgery. a shoulder dressing that keeps the shoulder or another bandage in place.

  • Scapulectomy

    scapulectomy scap·u·lec·to·my (skāp’yə-lěk’tə-mē) n. Surgical removal of the scapula.

  • Scapulimancy

    or scapulomancy [skap-yuh-luh-man-see] /ˈskæp yə ləˌmæn si/ noun 1. divination of the future by observation of the cracking of a mammal’s scapula that has been heated by a fire or hot instrument. noun divination by shoulder blade bone that has been heated to cracked or burned state; also written scapulomancy , also called spatulamancy See […]

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