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schisto- pref.
Split; cleft: schistocyte.


Read Also:

  • Schistocelia

    schistocelia schis·to·ce·li·a (shĭs’tə-sē’lē-ə, skĭs’-) n. A congenital fissure of the abdominal wall.

  • Schistocormia

    schistocormia schis·to·cor·mi·a (shĭs’tə-kôr’mē-ə, skĭs’-) n. A congenital cleft of the trunk, usually accompanied by imperfectly developed lower extremities. Also called schistosomia.

  • Schistocyte

    schistocyte schis·to·cyte (shĭs’tə-sīt’, skĭs’-) n. A red blood cell having an abnormal shape as a result of fragmentation that occurs as the cell flows through damaged small vessels.

  • Schaffhausen

    [shahf-hou-zuh n] /ˌʃɑfˈhaʊ zən/ noun 1. a canton in N Switzerland. 100 sq. mi. (259 sq. km). 2. a city in and the capital of this canton, on the Rhine. Schaffhausen /German ʃaːfˈhauzən/ noun 1. a small canton of N Switzerland. Pop: 73 900 (2002 est). Area: 298 sq km (115 sq miles) 2. a […]

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