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Clara (Clara Wieck) 1819–96, German pianist and composer (wife of Robert Schumann).
[rob-ert;; German roh-bert] /ˈrɒb ərt;; German ˈroʊ bɛrt/ (Show IPA), 1810–56, German composer.
Historical Examples

The World’s Great Men of Music Harriette Brower
His Masterpiece Emile Zola
Musicians of To-Day Romain Rolland
Melomaniacs James Huneker
Memoirs of My Dead Life George Moore
A Day with Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy George Sampson
Music: An Art and a Language Walter Raymond Spalding
Sacrifice Stephen French Whitman
Contemporary American Composers Rupert Hughes
Essentials in Conducting Karl Wilson Gehrkens

Elisabeth. (eˈliːzabɛt). 1885–1952, German soprano, noted esp for her interpretations of lieder
Robert Alexander. (ˈroːbɛrt alɛˈksandər). 1810–56, German romantic composer, noted esp for his piano music, such as Carneval (1835) and Kreisleriana (1838), his songs, and four symphonies


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