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scleredema scler·e·de·ma (sklēr’ĭ-dē’mə)
Hard nonpitting edema of the skin, having a waxy appearance with no sharp demarcation and occurring mainly in females with diabetes mellitus.


Read Also:

  • Scleredema adultorum

    scleredema adultorum scleredema ad·ul·to·rum (ād’ŭl-tôr’əm) n. A benign spreading induration of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, possibly streptococcal in origin.

  • Sclerema

    noun, Pathology. 1. sclerosis, or hardening, especially of the skin. sclerema scle·re·ma (sklə-rē’mə) n. Induration of the subcutaneous fat. Sclerema neonatorum.

  • Sclerema neonatorum

    sclerema neonatorum sclerema ne·o·na·to·rum (nē’ō-nā-tôr’əm) n. Necrosis of subcutaneous fat appearing at birth or in early infancy as sharply demarcated indurated plaques, usually affecting the cheeks, buttocks, shoulders, and calves. Also called adiponecrosis neonatorum, subcutaneous fat necrosis of newborn.

  • Sclerenchyma

    [skli-reng-kuh-muh] /sklɪˈrɛŋ kə mə/ noun, Botany. 1. supporting or protective tissue composed of thickened, dry, and hardened cells. sclerenchyma /sklɪəˈrɛŋkɪmə/ noun 1. a supporting tissue in plants consisting of dead cells with very thick lignified walls sclerenchyma (sklə-rěng’kə-mə) A supportive tissue of vascular plants, consisting of thick-walled, usually lignified cells. Sclerenchyma cells normally die upon […]

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