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Sclerosing hemangioma

sclerosing hemangioma n.
See dermatofibroma.


Read Also:

  • Sclerosing adenosis

    sclerosing adenosis n. A benign nodular breast lesion occurring most frequently in young women and consisting of hyperplastic distorted lobules of acinar tissue that exhibit increased collagenous stroma. Also called adenofibrosis, fibrosing adenosis.

  • Sclerose

    sclerose scle·rose (sklə-rōz’, -rōs’) v. scle·rosed, scle·ros·ing, scle·ros·es To harden; undergo sclerosis.

  • Scleroscope

    Trademark. 1. a brand name for a sclerometer that determines the hardness of a material by measuring the rebound of a standard ball dropped on the material from a fixed height.

  • Scorbutigenic

    scorbutigenic scor·bu·ti·gen·ic (skôr-byōō’tĭ-jěn’ĭk) adj. Producing scurvy.

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