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(sometimes initial capital letter) of, relating to, or in accordance with sacred writings, especially the .
rendered in or related to writing.
Contemporary Examples

The scriptural Moses is defined by his frailties, his inability to act.
Meet Moses the Swashbuckling Israelite James Romm December 13, 2014

The examination morphed into a far-reaching conversation between Bryan and Darrow on scriptural interpretation.
The Scopes Monkey Trial 2.0: It’s Not About the Stupid Science-Deniers Michael Schulson July 20, 2014

He admitted that he uses a version of the “Inconvenient Truth” slide show that is “filled with scriptural references.”
Blame the Smug Climate Warriors Thaddeus Russell December 18, 2009

Did it take a crucial bit of scriptural or intellectual evidence in addition to your personal experience?
Bishop Gene Robinson on His New Book ‘God Believes in Love’ & More David Sessions September 20, 2012

Here is one place where I wish liberals were more conversant and comfortable speaking in religious and scriptural contexts.
About Mourdock’s Theology Michael Tomasky October 24, 2012

Historical Examples

At present he is feeble because he is, to use the scriptural illustration, a house divided against itself.
National Being (A.E.)George William Russell

The scriptural truths are to be judged by no other test than that of their worth for life.
Understanding the Scriptures Francis McConnell

This evening twenty-five pounds was given to me for the scriptural Knowledge Institution.
The Life of Trust: Being a Narrative of the Lord’s Dealings With George Mller George Mller

There was, indeed, but little said, but the words were savory and scriptural.
The Works of Whittier, Volume V (of VII) John Greenleaf Whittier

As to whether this home was identical with the house of Simon the leper, the scriptural record does not state.
Jesus the Christ James Edward Talmage

(often capital) of, in accordance with, or based on Scripture
of or relating to writing

1640s, from Modern Latin scripturalis, from Latin scriptura (see scripture). Related: Scripturally.


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