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scybalous scyb·a·lous (sĭb’ə-ləs)
Of, relating to, or characterized by a scybalum.


Read Also:

  • Scybalum

    scybalum scyb·a·lum (sĭb’ə-ləm) n. pl. scyb·a·la (-lə) A hard round mass of inspissated feces.

  • Scylla and charybdis

    Scylla and Charybdis [(sil-uh; kuh-rib-dis)] In classical mythology, Scylla was a horrible six-headed monster who lived on a rock on one side of a narrow strait. Charybdis was a whirlpool on the other side. When ships passed close to Scylla’s rock in order to avoid Charybdis, she would seize and devour their sailors. Aeneas, Jason, […]

  • Scyphate

    adjective 1. being in the shape of a cup; cup-shaped.

  • Scyphi-

    1. a combining form representing scyphus, in compound words: scyphiform.

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