a sailor, especially an old or experienced one.
harbor seal.
a dogfish.
a pirate or privateer.
an experienced or old sailor

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  • Sea-doo

    noun 1. trademark (Canadian) a small self-propelled watercraft for one person

  • Seadrome

    noun, Aeronautics. 1. a floating airdrome serving as an intermediate or emergency landing place for aircraft flying over water.

  • Sea-duck

    noun 1. any of various diving ducks, as the scaups, goldeneyes, scoters, and eiders, found principally on seas. noun 1. any of various large diving ducks, such as the eider and the scoter, that occur along coasts

  • Sea-eagle

    noun 1. any of several large eagles of the genus Haliaetus, that usually feed on fish. noun 1. any of various fish-eating eagles that live near the sea, esp Haliaetus albicilla (European sea eagle or white-tailed eagle) having a brown plumage and white tail

  • Sea-ear

    noun 1. another name for the ormer (sense 1)

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